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Yellow Tree Oil Painting Process

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I had fun painting Yellow Tree. This is a 10" x 8" oil painting on canvas board.

For this painting, I was aiming for an Impressionist style or 'look, similar to Paul Cézanne's paintings, Marie Bracquemond, Eliseu Visconti with his work Circle of Children from 1918; but more like Vincent Van Gogh with his impasto paintings.

Yellow Tree - Oil Painting

You can see some of the detail and impasto work I used to create this impressionist or expressionist painting; whichever you want to call it. Both are kind of synonyms of 'loose brushwork and thick paint' in the art world.

See this painting in detail.

Yellow Tree - Oil Painting Video

Watch this video clip of how I painted Yellow Tree.

The video has been condensed to make it shorter. You can speed it up even more from YouTube. Don't forget to Subscribe to my new YouTube channel.

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